10 Myths People Believe about Mediumship

Working as a Psychic Medium as I do, is great fun and is also a very fulfilling job. But often people do have misconceptions regarding what it is all about. Here’s the top 10 Myths People Believe or Ask Me About.

1        Do you do Fortune Telling?

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Err… No! A reading will help you gain a better self- understanding and a different perspective about what is going on around you, and what might be coming up. A Medium will also connect to your angel or spirit team and bring their perspective, to help and guide you.  It is up to you to decide whether you wish to accept the guidance that is given.  You have free will to make your choices.  (So has everyone else around you). The difference is that the choices can be more informed as the result of a reading.   It’s not fortune telling, nor is your life laid out for you. (Isn’t it great that we can choose what to do with our lives!).

2        What you have is a Gift.

Here’s the thing – you have the gift of psychic ability too!  You are born with it!  And just as you can choose to learn to drive, or cook, you can choose whether to develop your abilities further.  Some people will take to this development more easily than others (just like driving and cooking).  So, you can learn to use your psychic potential too!  Your choice. If you are interested, go to a workshop and learn more about your ‘gift’ and how it could help you. You will likely find it really enjoyable.

3        Mediumship is too scary – you must get pestered by the spirit world all the time. 

Well, no actually.  The spirit and angel world are very respectful of when to be present and when to leave us to live our human lives.  Nothing scary at all.  It’s a matter of setting the working boundaries just like any other role, and they’ll respect that.  I’m still human, I breathe, eat and sleep just like everybody else, and the spirit world leave me to get on with the rest of my life when I’m not working.

4        I’m standing at the supermarket checkout, and am asked:  “what can you see for me?”

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Ummm…nothing, actually.  I’m not working when I’m standing at the checkout.  Usually all I see is the groceries cascading down the belt faster than I can get them packed. And I’m still trying to remember the one item that I came in for, but ended up with a trolley load of stuff that I didn’t know I needed.  Part of being human.  (See #3 above).

5        I don’t understand why you charge.  Surely angels and spirit work for free?

Yes, they work for free.  What you are actually paying for is my time.  The years and years that I have spent developing my abilities.  The time and money that I spend attending workshops, reading books and meditating. Plus, of course, the earthly things like heating, lighting, insurance that I have to pay for, so that I can spend quality time to sit with you for a reading. Oh, I do ‘free’ work too, by donating my time, and my earnings, at charity fundraising events.  (Just think about it, how many other people donate a day or evenings earnings to charity?). And I do try and keep costs as low as I can, so that it’s not a barrier to getting a reading.

6        I phoned you at 10p.m. last Sunday, to make an appointment, but got no answer.

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I have a family and home life too.  Chances are I was out, or I was with my family or friends.  For me to be at my best, I need time to rest and relax too.  So, although I am self-employed, and I really, really love what I do, I try and set boundaries, to get a work/life balance.  You benefit from that when you do get an appointment, as I’m not frazzled.  Leave a message, or call another time, or e-mail.  I’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours.  I love what I do, but I can’t work 24/7!

7        Mediumship is not a real job is it?

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The tax man calls it a real job! I still have to eat and pay bills like everyone else.  And though it’s more fulfilling than many jobs I’ve had, I gave up other work to do this.   Like any other job, I still have to pay tax on my earnings.  I dedicate time and effort to my continuing development.  I keep a diary of appointments too (which is a real bind on the few occasions when someone doesn’t turn up for their appointment, and I have to wait in).  Yes, it’s real enough, and not just a hobby to fill my days.

8        You have to wait xx months before a loved one can come through after passing over.


Not so.  A loved one can come through in a message within a short space of time, sometimes within hours.  Your loved ones are keen to let you know that life has continued on and that they are OK.  You don’t need to wait a specified time since a loved one passed, in order to book a reading.  What you need to think about though, is whether you are ready.  The adjustment to loss and grief affects everyone in different ways, and sometimes, waiting a little while may help you cope better emotionally at a reading. I’d advise you listen to your own instincts about when you are ready for a reading. In the meantime, you can always ask your loved ones to send you signs that they are OK – often they are already doing so!

9        You can’t ask for a specific loved one in a reading.


Well, actually you can, it’s something I offer during a reading.  If a loved one is able to connect, they will come through. After all, they want to assure you that all is well, and that they are around you. But (and there is a but), it’s a bit like sending out a party invitation, it’s not guaranteed.  Sometimes, another loved one will come through with a message.  You can always ask about your though. And keep an open mind – your loved one might come in on the coat tails of someone else!

10      I’ve heard that if a medium can’t get a connection, something bad is going to happen.


A Medium may not be able to connect for all sorts of reasons, but it does not mean anything sinister.  It usually just means it’s not the right day for a reading, that’s all.   If we could tell the future that well, we’d all have done the lottery!  (The same applies about bad things that might happen if you go for a reading when you are pregnant).  The spirit world cannot harm you, after all, they are around you all the time anyway, whether you go to a Medium or not.  Don’t listen to the old wives tales or urban myths. Instead, listen to your own inner voice. If you feel uncomfortable about booking a reading, wait a while. Oh, and a good medium will never bring anything other than inspiring messages and peace from the spirit world.  And it’s not all holy either, your loved ones like nothing more than sharing love and laughter with you!

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