Maura Brooks – Reiki Master / Teacher & Tour Guide (Soul Encounter)

Maura Brooks - Psychic Medium and Reiki Master, Tour Guide, Soul Encounter

I have been aware of my abilities since the age of nine, though for most of my life I chose to ignore the messages and insights I was being given. Born and brought up in Co Tyrone, I have also lived and worked in England, returning to my roots near the Lough Shore recently.

I am a qualified Reiki Healer and Master /Teacher, also qualified as a Quantum Healer using the Dolores Cannon method of hypnosis technique. Many people who report significant benefits from receiving these healing treatments.

I’m a tour guide to our ancient / sacred sites helping people to connect to the power of these places and walk in the path of our ancestors. Our ancestors built structures in Ireland that are older than the pyramids of Egypt.

This combination of training and development, added to the abilities I already had, has enabled me to draw on a rich blend of skills and knowledge and bring the benefits of this to others.

I work as a teacher to develop others in the healing therapies.

Maura Brooks, Reiki Master, Teacher, Tour Guide, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland