As a medium: What happens when you connect to loved ones?


Someone who came to see me asked me this question recently. I’ve realised that whilst there is lots of information out there explaining what mediums do, and what happens during a sitting & how you can help to get the most from it, there is less about what the Medium experiences when they connect with your loved ones during a reading.  So, I’m going to try and describe some of what I experience – though this does vary a bit, depending on who comes through.  And I’m sure other Mediums experiences are different too.  One way of finding out is to ask!  A Medium will be happy to describe what they experience.

I have to add a caveat – describing some of this is beyond words, or at least it is limited by my grasp of vocabulary and as I’ve said, it tends to vary from sitting to sitting too.  In a way, this note is a wee bit like trying to describe the scent of a flower to someone who has a limited a sense of smell.  (This is not to imply that you are limited, it’s my ability to describe what goes on, that is limited!)

For me then, a spirit connection is a little bit like those US prison scenes in the movies, where visitor and prisoner are separated by a glass barrier, they can see each other, they can talk to each other via a telephone link, and they can press their palms against the screen, almost touching but not physically being together.  Perhaps another way of describing the link is that it’s like a Skype connection between three people (spirit person medium and sitter) – a virtual connection.  Except, instead of a clear network link, the line between me, the spirit person and the sitter involves receiving and passing on key words, pictures, symbols and images.  And as a medium (the person in the middle), the pictures and key words usually mean nothing to me; the sitter ‘sense makes’ the context of the message (the images, words, key dates, numbers, memories) being given to me by the spirit person.

There is a further element, that of the personality of the spirit, in which they use my physical and emotional senses to convey this.  So, if it’s someone who was the life and soul of a party, I’ll feel like I want to jump with joy, laugh, and wave my arms about.  If it was someone who was full of energy, I’ll want to convey a ball of energy and being very lively & upbeat.  I also get emotional – a lump in my throat for joy at being reunited, a sensation of heart swelling to convey love.  And if it was someone who was assertive, and wants the sitter to be assertive in their own life, they’ll tell me that, and they’ll get me to talk in very clipped tones and using my hands for emphasis.

Putting the whole lot together, a whole range of words, emotions, pictures and symbols is what happens during a reading.  Best of all I get to meet lots of people, both in this world and that of spirit.  I love my job!


I personally believe that everyone can be taught how to ‘open up’ and connect directly with their loved ones.  It does take time and a lot of patience and practice.  I firmly believe that mediumship is not a ‘gift’; it is something that we can all learn to do if we wanted to.  Some of us will take to it faster than others; it’s just like any other skill to be learnt such as driving, cooking, gardening.  We can all do it.

I particularly like the work by Gordon Smith and his new book which describes how we can all develop our own mediumship and links to spirit.  (You don’t have to go on to work as a medium.)  As he says, it’s great to connect to loved ones yourself, and to get proof for yourself that you cannot die for the life of you!

If you’d like to develop your mediumship, there are plenty of routes to learning.  One of the best ways is to work with a development group, you get to practice with others, so that your energy combined with others and their experiences will help to boost your links to spirit at a pace to suit you.  I’m sure you will find a route / development group that suits you.  If you are interested in finding a group or learning more, get in touch with me.


I think it would be really great if everyone could access their loved ones and connect directly to the spirit world – that is my vision for the future.   I think my job will then move onto working with people boosting the energy; boosting the signal with spirit so that the ‘Skype connection’ between sitter and spirit becomes clearer and stronger  A bit like going from working with a 500k modem to a broadband link!





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