Celtic Spirituality: Anam Cara (Soul Friend)

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Welcome to Soul Encounter Tours! I hope you enjoy the short video clip which illustrates a selection of the sacred and ancient sites I’m involved with, and explains, from my perspective, what is unique about them, and about my tours.


The sacred / ancient sites that I will be taking you to are not about religion, they are about spirituality, this transcends religious affiliation.   They are, more precisely, about Celtic spirituality (and those who went before them); about connectedness to the past, to the stories of the place, the energies there, connecting us to ourselves, to our souls. John O’Donohue the Irish poet and author, called this Spirituality the Anam Cara (Soul friend), and he explains what this means in his books. The Anam Cara, he said, is attuned to your soul. In Anam Cara, your friendship cut across all convention, morality and category.  You are joined in an ancient and eternal way with the friend of your soul.

The Celts were, it might be said, were advanced in their thinking and practices, for example: in shape-shifting, other-world journeying, healing, and divination. They felt realms of the dead and the living intersected and the veil between them thin and permeable. The Celts, (and those that passed before them), recognised the interconnectedness of the people and the land and believed in the spirituality of place and land energies. So, sacred wells and lakes; such as Lough Neagh, Washingbay, Cranfield Holy Well, or the Holy River Bridge, are both ancient and modern places of healing. Sacred land areas, such as Tullahogue Fort, Beaghmore Stone Circles, Beltany Stone Circles, and Emain Macha are ancient places of ceremony, they are energy sites, and possibly, the places where journeying to the otherworlds took place.


They were all valued as places of ritual, where spirit and the Creator were accessed. At some of the sites, you can also observe how different peoples and beliefs evolved to absorb each others influences customs and rituals, from the pre-Celtic era up to the Christian era of the present day.


These ancient or sacred sites are still special today, for they are places which still generate energy and healing, and where it is possible to sense a history and ceremony going back many thousands of years, and sense the veil between the worlds being lifted. And so, much of the Celtic way of thinking can resonate with us even today; our relationship to our Creator; to each other; a sense of being at home in the world of nature.  It is also about memory, the spiritual memory that we all carry within us. These are places to journey to, to learn, to understand and to explore, places to remember those who went before us, and observing and/ or experiencing what has been created at these special places.


The Soul Encounter Tour sites are mainly concentrated in and around the North of Ireland, places in Tyrone, Donegal, Fermanagh and Armagh.  They are in the main, off the beaten track, hidden away from traffic, noise and people.  They are high energy sites, but conversely places of calm, where you can sit and reflect in peace, away from the hurly burly of everyday life.  These are places to stay a little while and tune in to their energies, to events that took place here, and where you can tune in to your own Anam Cara. Take your time here, to get the best from what they offer.  You come away feeling recharged.


At these sacred sites I take you to, is where the veil between our lives and other worlds can be lifted, and where it is possible to experience the energies that our ancestors worked with. The mists of time roll back and you can connect (or re-connect) with the world of our ancestors, and indeed with ourselves. In many of these sites, there are specific energy spots that can be felt, and I’ll help you to experience them when you visit.


These are places where you can attune with your Anam Cara.


Welcome Home.


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