Explore Your Psychic Potential

Have you ever:

  • Felt when someone was staring at you?
  • Had an instant liking or disliking for someone even before you were introduced?
  • Sensed or thought of someone before you saw or heard from them?

Then you are already using your psychic senses. This one day workshop will enable you to
understand and work with your psychic abilities, and how to use them to understand and connect with
our psychic world. By the end of the workshop, you will;

  • Understand about Auras and how they work
  • Understand about Chakra energies
  • Know how to ground and protect yourself when doing energy work
  • Understand what psychic readers do (and don’t do)

The workshop will have no more than 4-6 participants, enabling you to have plenty of individual development. Learning will be through a blend of theory combined with lots of interaction and psychic exercises. On completion, you will receive a workbook and certificate.

Please see my FaceBook page for workshop dates. A small deposit secures your place.

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