Field of Dreams


This is the picture of the field when I bought it in 2004. I was living in England, busy in a corporate job and life was full. But one day, travelling in my home land here in Ireland, I ‘knew’ that I had to come home to live. I had no idea why, or what the plan was, but somehow it was the right thing to do. I had no idea how it was to be achieved, nor indeed how I would be able to make the leap home. And so, having talked to my (English born) husband, we started looking around for a site to build a home. My father was keen for me to be home, though he also thought there was every possibility I wasn’t right in the head, and couldn’t fathom why I’d be throwing up a successful and lucrative career in England to be in Ireland!

I clearly remember the day we came to this field. My husband, father and brother all piled into our hire car (by coincidence a 4×4), and drove up the field to meet the seller. It was a cold blustery winter day. As I stood in the field, it felt the ‘right’ place to be. My father approved, and somehow we found ourselves agreeing a price and shaking hands on the deal there and then. The seller, Paul, invited us back to his house, where my father got drunk on his whiskey. We still had no idea how we were going to finance it, and even when we’d get home to build. (I found out later that my husband had no idea of the exact location of our field, he just followed what seemed ‘right’).

The finances were found, and we now owned a field. In 2005, we scraped the money together to build the foundations. I’d come home every few months, and drive by ‘our field’ and dream of the time I could afford to build the rest of the house. Every now and again, my father, now unable to drive, would get my sister to come to the field, and they’d stand at the gate and wonder about the future. Friends called and stood on the site, thinking us brave or foolhardy (maybe both). We rented the field out for grazing and became absentee landlords of sorts. Still, the dream was there.

Sadly, in 2008, Daddy passed to spirit before the build,but the site remained unchanged, the dream still intact. Corporate life continued in England. Meanwhile, I was continuing to open up my earlier training as a Reiki Master / Teacher, (a journey that also began in 2004).

In 2011, an opportunity arose for me to leave corporate life and embark on my new career. I had asked my spirit team and angels for help in manifesting the finances to build the house and come home. Through lot of twists and turns, and happy coincidences (perhaps?), we began the build that summer. My father, though in spirit, was also very active on the build! Despite my project managing the build from England, not a thing went wrong, and even the budget was accurate to the penny.

In January 2012, we packed up, left England behind, and moved here. I now live in a wonderful place that we love (and Daddy is a frequent spirit visitor), and I’m doing something that feels like it was always meant to be. My husband has settled here, and feels that England is a foreign land, not the land of his birth.

We are home. We are living the dream.

So never give up on your dreams, no matter how long it takes. One day, your dreams can be a reality too. Trust in your instincts, trust that your angel and spirit team will deliver what is needed for you. I am always grateful for listening to my team, and to following what they said, even at times when all seemed impossible.

May your dreams come true too.

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  1. Love this touching story about the field and your beautiful website I look forward to meeting you in the not so distant future – until then Live love laugh and choose to be happy Ann

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