“A medium makes contact with the spirit relatives of the person they are reading for. A psychic is someone who can pick up information about a living persons life. Most mediums are also psychic”
(Gordon Smith, Medium)

The world of spirit exists all around us, but just out of reach. It might help to think of it as different frequency, much like a radio has different frequencies. A medium has learned to attune to this different and higher frequency or vibration to enable communication from spirit.

This one day workshop will enable you to understand and begin to explore mediumship and help to begin your development path. In this workshop you will learn about, and practice;

  • The differences between psychic and mediumship work
  • Meditation techniques to raise your energy vibration
  • Meeting your guides and with their assistance, provide you with evidence (that you have obtained for yourself) that life continues after physical death
  • Giving messages from spirit – the ethics
  • Conducting a reading

In order to get the best grounding and insight from this workshop, it is strongly recommended that you have completed the Psychic Workshop. If you feel that you have completed that level of work already, please discuss with me before booking this workshop

The workshop will have no more than 4-6 participants, enabling you to have a good level of individual development time. Learning will be through a blend of theory combined with lots of interaction and exercises. On completion you will receive a workbook and certificate.

Please see my FaceBook page for workshop dates. A small deposit secures your place.

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