Private Evenings of Mediumship
You might have been to a public demonstration of Mediumship at a show or a church where some members of the audience will have been given a short message, but obviously, there isn’t enough time to get to everyone. You might have been to a private reading (ie a One to One reading with a Medium), where time is dedicated to you alone for a reading and messages.

A Private Evening of Mediumship is a blend of the two, where you get together with a small group of friends or relatives and book me to come to your home for an evening . In this way, everyone gets a message, and although its not as private as a one-to one, you get to share and support each other. Even though its in a more open setting please be assured that you will not get a message that is very private to you, nor will Spirit pass on anything to embarrass or upset you. They will respect your privacy as they would have done in life.

I can provide Angel Card readings, if some participants prefer this type of reading to a Spirit reading.

This is a good way to experience a reading, and in the company of friends or relatives, its a nice way to spend an evening. Some people make an event of it by organising food between them, so you can enjoy a meal / buffet at the same time as having a reading. Or, if you have a special event such as a birthday party, this makes a different gift for the birthday girl or boy!

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