Second Degree Reiki teaches how to perform absent healing and provides students with a stringer
form of mental / emotional healing. Initiation at second degree means the energy flows through in
greater quantities. In Reiki Second Degree, you will

  • Receive the Second Degree Attunements
  • Learn about the Reiki Symbols
  • Apply the Reiki symbols in healing
  • Practice Reiki Healing on others

It is a pre-requisite that you have successfully completed the Reiki First Degree and practiced at this level so that your energies are of sufficient vibration for Reiki 2. The workshop will be small group (typically 6-8 participants), enabling you to have a good level of individual development time. Learning will be through a blend of theory combined with lots of interaction and exercises. On completion you will receive a degree certificate

Please see my FaceBook page for workshop dates. A small deposit secures your place.

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