So, How Do I ‘Become Psychic’ Then?

I was asked this question recently, as some people think psychic ability (or sixth sense) is a ‘gift’; something only a few people have. Well, here is a revelation – EVERYONE is already psychic! See if you recognise yourself in these examples. Have you ever:

  • thought of someone just before the phone rang, and they were on the line;
  • felt when someone was staring at you;
  • had an instant liking or disliking for someone;
  • sensed that a situation didn’t’ feel right’;
  • followed your gut instinct and made an instant decision, before applying logic;

If you have, you have already been using your psychic abilities.

Some of us are more naturally developed in these abilities than others. It’s a bit like some people take more naturally too learning to drive, or swimming, or take up cooking. It’s a skill that can be developed by anyone though. And like any skill or ability, everyone can learn to use it, and work to develop even further.

So, to debunk a myth – psychic ability is not a ‘gift’. We’ve all got a psychic ability or ‘sixth sense ‘, and we can all build on the skill even further.

How does it work anyway?

When you’re using your psychic skill, you are working with an energy field that surrounds you and all other things, it’s called an aura. In the average individual, it extends to 8-10 feet around the body, though it can extend further. Some people can actually ‘see’ the aura image, (though it’s not necessary to be able to do that to work with it). In religious paintings, a halo is an image of the aura around the head.

Your aura, and that of others, gives off a subtle energy, and every aura has its own unique frequency. When the frequency of your aura is similar to someone else’s, you can have a rapport. On the other hand, there will be people whose frequency is very different to yours, this can result in an instant dislike. It doesn’t necessarily follow that there is something wrong with the other person,  its just you’re both on a different wavelength.

In addition, your aura leaves an energy imprint with people and objects that you come into contact with. Sit on a chair for a while and it becomes “your chair”. (My mother had “her chair” and nobody dared sit in it!) You sleep better in “your bed”. A child will magnetise a favourite toy or blanket with their aura – it absorbs their energy, and they’ll use it to help them recharge, or calm, when they are tired. (That’s why they get upset when you wash it, they have to recharge it again!)

How do I learn to develop my psychic ability further?

You could go to a class or workshop – I feel that working in a good energetic group, where you are able to practice your skills, and undertake guided meditations will accelerate your learning and development. If this is not for you, there are lots and lots of books out there that you can read and learn about meditations and exercises that help develop your abilities.

I hope this short piece helps you to recognise that you already have a psychic ability / sixth sense! Maybe, like the person I spoke to, I’ve encouraged you to learn more. (I hope you do). If so, there is plenty of good quality help available out there. Personally, I’ve found that developing my abilities to be of great benefit, and I enjoy imparting that skill and knowledge on to others too.  Give it a try.