A small cottage in the village of Eardisley

My husbands’ grandmother Olive, died this week at the age of 99. She had been granted her wish not to live until her 100th birthday, perhaps also testimony to mind over matter, as apart from the frailty that comes with advanced years, she was in remarkable good health.

As a Medium, I know that she has already passed over into the spirit world and been reunited with Pauls grandfather and two sons, (all of whom preceded her to spirit a number of years ago), and she has been in touch to say that she is OK and free from the physical constraints that frustrated her in her later years of this life. So all that is left on the Earth plane is her physical remains, which will be buried in the local churchyard, next to Pauls grandfather.

One question then is why go to a funeral, when I know she is no longer ‘there’? Looking at it through the lens of a Medium it seems almost like an illogical thing to do. For me though, a funeral is part of a rite of passage, a celebration of a life lived, and a passing through to the world of spirit.
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