These private tours are to the ancient and sacred sites in and around the North of Ireland e.g. Antrim, Tyrone, Armagh,  Down, Donegal and Fermanagh. For over six thousand years, the Neolithic people, the Celts, as well as those who followed them, were actively involved in healing, divination, other world journeying, & ceremony at these extraordinary sites. The lands and their energies draw you in. I will help you feel the very distinct energies there, showing you what other tours and guide books are completely unaware of. If you are interested in the myths and legends of the landscape and the people who occupied them, these are very special places to visit indeed. Here, you walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, experience for yourself their connections, the powers they created; experience their journeying in these ancient lands of Ireland.

st patricks chair


These are not tours where a tour guide reels off dusty facts, while you stand idly by;

  • You can have a go at dowsing;
  • You can experience the emotion and the energy connection to the sites;
  • You can make a wish at particular special places;
  • You can ask for healing (for yourself or someone else)at places of healing that existed for thousands of years.

So, you experience the magic of it for yourself, feel connected to the land, and feel the healing properties of these places. They are special, because are off the beaten track, and some are difficult to find. They have not been ravaged by commercialism, nor destroyed by new developments. Most are the same as they were thousands of years ago. Here, the veil between the worlds can be lifted and you can glimpse your own origins, be connected to the people, and to yourself; to your Anam Cara (Soul Friend).

History has been preserved not only in the monuments and land itself, it’s also in the folklore and mythology that was originally part of Irelands great oral tradition. These are also very beautiful places to photograph, to take away memories, and to re-connect to, again and again.


So from Lough Neagh (lake of the God Eochaid), with its own legend of creation, and its healing powers, to Tullahogue (the Hill of Youth) with the story of the Ui Neills and the O’Hagans, to Beaghmore Stone Circles and St Patricks Chair in Altadavin (cliff of the demons), learn about the legends and power of Tyrone. Stand on any high point here, and you can see the landscape peppered with standing stones and ancient cairns. Or come to Armagh, named after the goddess Macha, a place rich in energy, culture and legend. Journey to Donegal, to the stone circle at Beltany, an awe inspiring and exhilarating site, which is associated with the power of the sun. Or the Granian of Aileach (house of the sun god), perched on a hilltop, and visible for miles.

Granian of AileCH


All tours are guided by me personally, and are customised to fit with your preferences, your available time, and the places you’d like to travel to. Contact me, and I’ll tailor make a tour to fit your needs. Experience something unique, something for you to treasure for years to come.

Suggested itineraries (you can mix and match – just let me know your preferences & availability and I’ll put together a tailor made itinerary for you)

Half Day: (1) Ardboe, Beaghmore. (2) Tullahogue, Beaghmore. (3) Ardboe, Tullahogue (4) St Patricks Chair, Errigal Kerrogoue, Rathmore.

Full Day: (1) St Patricks Chair, Armagh Cathedral, Emhain Macha. (2) St Patricks Chair, Beaghmore Circles, Errigal Kerrogue, Aghascrebagh Ogham Stone, Donaghmore High Cross (3) Ardboe, Cranfield Holy Well, Tullahogue Fort, Beaghmore Stone Circles      (4) Beltany Stone Circles, Granian of Aileach, Fahan Cross, St Patricks Cross Cardonagh.

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